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Paul R. Dunn and B.J. Dunn spent years researching the history of over 300 golf courses created by America’s most prolific and foremost golf course architect, Donald Ross, including those which are open to public play.


In 2001 The Derrydale Press of Lanham, Maryland published their work, Great Donald Ross Golf Courses You Can Play. In the years since publication some of those courses have closed, one is now a cemetery and many have been renovated by premiere course architects. The Ross courses now open to public play are described and photographed in their new book, Great Donald Ross Golf Courses Everyone Can Play Second Edition. Readers will discover where these important Ross courses are located, learn their histories and enjoy reading comments from golf professionals describing how these courses play.


Because the photos in the original book were destroyed by the publisher, the photos in the second edition are new with higher resolution and greater beauty.

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